Olve oil and other products

Limited and high quality limited production.


Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is one the symbols of Tuscany, the "noblest" of this land.
In Tognetti family's estates there are over one thousand olive trees divided into cultivar, mainly Razze ( or Frantoiane), Moraiole and Leccine.

Every different cultivar is harvested by hand and taken to the family olive oil mill, all during the same day, and grinded in different moments


Pitted olive oil

Some years ago the family started to produce pitted (no seed) olive oil, according to Veronelli procedural guideline. This process has given excellent result; the percentage of polyphenol in the olive oil has remarkably increased.

Obviously the amount of olive oil is smaller, but it has extra quality. all the olive trees are cultivated by organic-grow method



Starting from the Middle Ages saffron has been cultivated in this area (mainly San Gimignano area). This very valuable spice was called "red gold", but its production was abandoned in the last century. Recently a group of farmers, including the Tognetti's, has started again this special cultivation. Saffron cultivation is very difficult and expensive because all the process steps must be done by hand. The result is unique. Flavours and persistence are really unmistakable in comparison to the products you can find nowadays in the market, often coming from abroad. Even adding a very minimum saffron quantity (one tenth of a gram) your dishes will have special and persistent flavour. This is a very limited production, but saffron quality is excellent


Olio EVO

Olio EVO denocciolato