Tognetti Plan

Eight generations united by love for the land and the quality


The family

There is a lasting bond between Tognetti's family and Tuscany. Eight generations of people succeeded and continued the hard work in the field.
The inner spirit of their land is part of the genetic make up of every member of the family. Year after year the knowledge has been transmitted to the new generations and this leaded to the improvement in high quality production field. Nowadays many senior and junior members of the family work together in the family activities, from the wine and Cinta Senesi Salami production to the olive oil and cereals productions, and in the several accommodation and restaurant facilities.


The plan

his plan arose from the close connection with the territory , from the will to promote its special fruit. The creation of this plan came from the ancient peasant tradition of this land: the "Podere" (farmhouse) is a productive unit but also a cultural one. Every unit has its own specific production in order to value its peculiarity and to be able to check and control all food farming production. The aim is always the same: high quality products. This plan put together old values of tradition and modern processing techniques.


The experience

Together with a profound knowledge of market strategy we are able to succeed in a world lead by international competition, and to satisfy the need of a more and more attentive consumer. A consumer who wants to know about productive steps and quality, attentive to a good quality/price ratio.
Short distribution chain, tracking, Tradition and Technology, high quality production as a guarantee for the consumer. This is the concept that inspires food farming of Tognetti's family. From farm to table.

Tognetti-Napa Valley California

Looking at the Tognetti's family tree we find that its origin was in Veneto. Now part of the family is in other parts of Italy but also abroad.
Tognetti's Napa Valley plan started when, after a couple of centuries, the two branches of the family discovered that they are both producing wine in two different parts of the world. Nowadays one family is living in Napa Valley, California, and the other one in the heart of Tuscany . This is about two complementary production, for Tognetti's from Napa Valley are producing white wine while Tognetti's from Tuscany are mainly producing red wine. The two branches of the family have recently started a collaboration in order to promote their high quality products.