Craft beer in 50 cl bottle

BirBona is a craft beer refermented in the bottle produced by the transformation of bread.

8.00 €

incl. VAT

BirBona is the first product of the SenzaFine project that starts from the recovery
of products and by-products of the agricultural and agri-food companies of the Tognetti family to give rise to new quality products.

Senzafine translates into attention to:

  • reduce waste
  • reuse the products
  • recycle the packaging

BirBona was born from the desire to implement a circular economy project to transform stale bread into beer, with the aim of limiting waste and reducing the consumption of raw materials and energy.
Thanks to the handy bottle cap, the bottle can be easily recovered and destined for other uses.

The beer is inspired by the Belgian blanche, but stands out for replacing the wheat with stale unsalted bread. It is a very pleasant beer and the browning of the bread gives it a nice crust flavor that enriches the drink without weighing it down.

Water, barley malt, 3.7% bread (soft wheat flour, water, yeast), hops, sugar, yeast.