Salami from "Cinta Senese PDO"

Average weight: 500 g

Cured meat made with "Cinta Senese PDO" meat.

19.50 €

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Characteristics of the cured meat
The "Cinta Senese PDO" cured meat is characterized by a consistent and compact structure, a strong and intense perfume and a dark red color with white fat. It has a savory, very aromatic taste, with a total absence of acidity and a unique intensity on the palate.

The mixture is stuffed into natural casings and left to mature in a cool, dry environment, after being stewed and dried in a controlled environment.

The mixture is made up of finely chopped lean meats and diced fat exclusively from "Cinta Senese PDO"; according to an ancient family recipe, salt, pepper, garlic, sugars and natural flavors are added to give the product its typical flavor. Once stuffed in natural gut and tied by hand, the product is stewed to lower the pH and water content. Maturing, after a short drying phase of the product, takes place in a cool and airy place.